Wright Memorial Theatre
96 Chateau Rd.
Middlebury, VT
United States

Wright Memorial Theatre, in addition to being the largest and most popular theatre on campus, also holds offices and classrooms mainly for the theatre and film departments. Wright Theatre is often the site for large productions put up by both guest artists and Middlebury's own theatre majors, actors and actresses. Recent faculty-produced shows include The Melting Pot, The Wedding Dress, and The Bewitched, which made its American debut there in Fall 2005 and was selected as one of four national finalists for the American College Theatre Festival.


Built in 1959, Wright Theatre includes a 400-seat auditorium with large proscenium stage and back-stage facilities. Named for Charles B. Wright, professor of English from 1885 until 1920, the theatre provides for a wide-ranging program of performances.

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CRN: 20509

Advanced Chinese

Advanced Chinese (Modern Chinese)
This course is a continuation of CHNS 0301 with continued practice in conversational Chinese and a greater emphasis on reading works of a literary nature. (CHNS 0301 or equivalent) 4 hrs. lect.


CRN: 20235

Nature's Meanings

Topic determined by the instructor - please refer to the section.


CRN: 20236

Nature's Meanings

Topic determined by the instructor - please refer to the section.


CRN: 21418

Nature's Meanings

Topic determined by the instructor - please refer to the section.


CRN: 22174

Architecture & Environment

Architecture and the Environment
Architecture has a dynamic relationship with the natural and cultural environments in which it operates. As a cultural phenomenon it impacts the physical landscape and uses natural resources while it also frames human interaction, harbors community, and organizes much of public life. We will investigate those relationships and explore strategies to optimize them, in order to seek out environmentally responsive architectural solutions. Topics to be covered include: analysis of a building's site as both natural and cultural contexts, passive and active energy systems, principles of sustainable construction, and environmental impact. Our lab will allow us to study on site, "off-the-grid" dwellings, hay-bale houses, passive solar constructions and alternative communities, meet with "green" designers, architects, and builders, and do hands-on projects. 3 hrs. lect./3 hrs. lab.


CRN: 21658

China's Historical Minorities

Readings in Chinese History: China's Historical Minorities
We tend reflexively to visualize China as an ethnically homogeneous nation-state. However, this conception fails to account for the minority populations that have for centuries resided in China and contributed greatly to its socio-cultural identity. Throughout the imperial age, the four groups called Manchu, Mongol, Hui, and Tibetan surpassed all other non-Chinese ethnicities in influencing the direction of Chinese history and shaping the contours of China's developmental experience. In this reading seminar we will examine the imprint of the collective legacy of these particular minorities as well as those of certain related groups, such as the ancestors of the Uyghurs of modern Xinjiang. 3 hrs. sem.


CRN: 20395

Beginning Spanish III

Beginning Spanish III
This course is a continuation of SPAN 0102. Intensive reading, writing, and oral activities will advance students' proficiency in Spanish in an academic setting. (SPAN 0102) 5 hrs. lect./disc.


CRN: 21176

Accelerated Basic Spanish

Accelerated Basic Spanish
This accelerated course is designed to reinforce, in one semester, the basic linguistic structures that students need in order to reach the intermediate level of proficiency in Spanish. Strong emphasis will be given to reading and composition. SPAN 0105 is designed specifically for students with 2-3 years of high school Spanish, but who have not yet achieved intermediate proficiency. (Placement test required) 5 hrs. lect./disc.


CRN: 20368

Lighting Design I: Beginning

Lighting Design I: Beginning
This course examines historical and present lighting theories, theatrical artistic movements, and theatrical literature, leading to the planning and conceptual development of the lighting plot. Class projects will also introduce the student to sketching, painting, sculpture, script analysis, and presentation skills. In addition, students will work on productions in order to understand better how theory relates to practice. 25 hours of production lab work will be assigned in class/3 hrs. lect.


CRN: 20522

Spring Production Studio: Act

Spring Production Studio: Acting
The cast works as part of a company, interpreting, rehearsing, and performing a play. Those receiving credit can expect to rehearse four to six nights a week. Appropriate written work is required. Participation in the course is determined by auditions held during the term prior to the performance. (Approval required) 3 hrs. lect.


CRN: 22457

Scenic Design II: Advanced


CRN: 22465

Costume Design II: Advanced

Costume Design II: Advanced
This course is a continued instruction in costume design and figure illustration. Design projects will focus on the further development of students' graphic and conceptual abilities. (THEA 0205 or by approval) 3 hrs. lect.



Driving Directions