B. Commons System

The goals of the Commons System are to build a sense of community by creating more opportunities for meaningful relationships among students, faculty, and staff; to develop programs and events that enrich the Middlebury College experience; and to give students a greater voice in determining the nature of the intellectual, social, and residential life of the College. Students are assigned to a Commons when they arrive at Middlebury and retain that affiliation throughout their time at the College.  Students will live in their commons community for the first two years.  Juniors and Seniors, through Room Draw, are able to take advantage of a variety of housing options regardless of their Commons affiliation.  This housing includes, in addition to traditional single and double rooms, Academic Interest Houses, Social Houses, special interest houses, small houses, mods and suites.

Approximately 200 students are housed within each Commons community. The five residential Commons are:

Atwater Commons (Allen, Coffrin); 
Brainerd Commons (Stewart, Hepburn); 
Cook Commons (Battell North, Battell Center 2nd Floor, Pearsons, Forest West);
Ross Commons (Milliken, Hadley); 
Wonnacott Commons (Battell Center 1st and 3rd Floors, Battell South, Gifford).

Each Commons is led by one or two faculty heads, a dean, and a Commons Council, which consists of students representing the various residence halls in the Commons. The Commons Council handles the affairs of the Commons; determines how the budget will be spent; and plans social, educational, and cultural events for the Commons. Council members are also responsible for disseminating information to the residents of the Commons.

All members of the College community are encouraged and welcomed to affiliate with a Commons.

The Commons system is also responsible for the oversight and staffing of other residential spaces assigned to each commons. Junior and Senior students may opt to live in these spaces regardless of their Commons affiliation; residential commons assignments are outlined during the room draw process.