J. College Storage Policies and Procedures

1. Storage during the regular academic year for students enrolled in the undergraduate College:

a. Regular dormitory storage (trunks, suitcases, boxed items).

i. Resident assistants in each dormitory have keys to the storage areas and will give residents access upon request.

ii. At the end of the school year, Facilities Services staff will clean out these storage areas and will dispose of any items not removed by students.

iii. Social houses may only store house items, such as pool tables and composites, in their houses over the summer recess. Personal items may not be left in the social houses. The president of each social house is responsible for supervising the storage area.

b. Bicycles

i. Students bringing a bicycle to campus must register the bicycle with the Department of Public Safety.

ii. Bicycles may not be kept in dormitory corridors and must be stored in the areas or in racks designated for this purpose. Bicycles locked in stairwells, hallways, and/or lounges will be removed by the Department of Public Safety. A $25 fine will be assessed at the time the bike is claimed by the owner.

iii. Bicycles locked to trees, or other outside fixtures (stair railings, traffic sign posts) will be removed by the Department of Public Safety or Facilities Services.  A $25 fine will be assessed at the time the bike is claimed by the owner.

iv. Bicycles must be removed from dormitories, Commons bike storage rooms, and bike racks at the end of each school year. Unclaimed bicycles will be removed by Facilities Services and stored with the Department of Public Safety. Bikes left or abandoned on campus when the owner moves out of the residence hall will result in a $35 collection/storage fee and a $15 processing fee ($50 total) at the time the bike is claimed.

v. Unregistered bicycles found on campus or taken during the bike sweep will be held for six months, and if unclaimed, will be donated to the Middlebury College Bike Shop. Bikes that are old or significantly damaged will be disposed of if unclaimed after 30 days. Public Safety will attempt to notify owners of registered bikes prior to disposal.

c.  Department of Public Safety storage:

i. Storage at Fletcher Barn is intended for use by Middlebury College undergraduates who will be away from the College for a school term or more, but not exceeding 18 months.  Space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.  All items to be stored will be received at one time and will be stored collectively.  Upon returning to campus, students must retrieve all items at one visit during the scheduled storage hours.  (Contact Public Safety for storage hours.)

ii. The following items may be stored at Fletcher Barn:

  • Items contained in sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic bins with lids and measuring a maximum of 18x18x18 and weighing no more than 75lbs.
  • Trunks (i.e., foot lockers)
  • Refrigerators (defrosted, empty of food, and measuring 18x18x18 maximum)
  • Suitcases
  • Skis

iii. The following items may not be stored:

  • Hazardous Materials (such as fuels and household chemicals)
  • Rugs or carpets
  • Furniture
  • Bicycles
  • Tires
  • Futons
  • Lamps
  • Food

iv. Storage areas are not climate controlled.  The College is not responsible for any damage caused by cold, heat, humidity, insects, or rodents.

v. The charge for storage is $10 per item per term. (A summer is considered a term).

vi. Students must indicate in the User's Agreement the term/year in which they will retrieve their stored items, which will not exceed 18 months from the date of drop off.  Students who fail to retrieve their belongings will NOT be contacted prior to disposal of their belongings by the Department of Public Safety.

2. Interim summer storage for undergraduate students:

a. Undergraduate students who are attending a Middlebury Language School or working for the Language Schools and who wish to store some of their belongings between the end of the spring term and the beginning of the Language Schools session may do so at Fletcher Barn.  A similar arrangement is available between the end of the Language Schools session and the beginning of the regular fall term.

b. The charge for interim storage is $4 per item.

c. All items stored in Fletcher Barn by students planning to attend the Language Schools must be removed at the beginning of the Language Schools session.  Similarly, items stored there after the end of the Language Schools session must be removed before the end of the first week of the fall term.  The Department of Public Safety will dispose of unclaimed items.