B. Health Care Policy Statement


In order to take full advantage of the educational opportunities offered by Middlebury College, a student must maintain good health, and the College expects each student to assume responsibility for his or her health. The College does not stand in loco parentis with respect to the health care of its students, and its health care services do not attempt to take the place of a family physician. In an effort to promote wellness, assist students in maintaining good health, and handle medical emergencies on campus, the College offers the following health care services:

1. Selected health education programs and preventive mental health programs on such topics as human sexuality, alcohol and drug abuse, stress reduction, sexual assault, and eating disorders.

2. A health center with a professional staff providing and promoting high quality comprehensive acute health care in a clinic setting, referring cases requiring long-term treatment or the care of a specialist, and providing counsel to students and campus-based student services on health matters.
<updated 15-Feb-2010; reference to overnight infirmary setting removed>

While Health Center staff is available to provide medical care and health advice, the Health Center does not give medical information to support a class absence excuse unless specifically requested from a Commons Dean with a signed release to disclose medical information from the student.

3. An athletic training room available to intercollegiate athletes and members of the crew and rugby teams. The professional staff at the training room evaluate and treat many athletic injuries and refer serious problems to appropriate medical specialists.

4. Psychological counseling in the form of short-term therapy, crisis intervention, assessment, and referral.

The College provides minimum accident insurance coverage to all students through the comprehensive fee and requires that all students purchase and are covered by additional sickness insurance. Students not covered by a private policy are required to purchase the sickness insurance policy offered by the College through Koster Insurance Agency. The policy was designed in consultation with the College's medical staff and psychological counselors and extends the accident insurance coverage over the summer months. Prior to enrollment, and every summer thereafter, families will receive information and enrollment materials by mail. If a student has comparable insurance coverage of another kind, participation in the Student Medical Insurance Plan is not required. This plan does not provide comprehensive insurance coverage, and should be viewed as supplemental to major medical coverage, which all students are encouraged to carry through their families.