4.9 Bereavement

If employees need to take time off because of the death of an immediate family member, they must notify the supervisor immediately. Paid or unpaid time off will be granted to allow employees to make any necessary arrangements and attend the funeral. Full- and part-time benefits-eligible employees may receive up to three days of paid bereavement leave for each death.

Bereavement pay is based on the pay employees would have earned had they worked the day(s) of their leave.

Employees will receive approval of bereavement leave as long as there are no unusual operating requirements. Any employee may, with the supervisor's approval, use available paid leave for additional time off.

Immediate family includes the employee's spouse/ domestic partner/ civil union partner, parent, child, sibling, grandparents, grandchildren, the employee's child's spouse, parent in-law, brother and sister-in-law, grandparents-in-law, and other relatives residing in the employee's household.