COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

B.5 For Middlebury College Undergraduates

Course Numbers and Titles

The titles and numbers of courses offered at the Language Schools during the summer may not match the titles and numbers of courses in the corresponding language departments during the academic year. The expectation is that the level in which students are placed by examination at or before the beginning of the summer session will reflect the work students have done previously in the language: that is, students will place at a level superior to that which students have successfully completed. If students place at a lower level than expected (i.e., a level for which students have already received Middlebury College academic year credit), students may enroll in the Language Schools, but might not receive academic credit for the classes taken at the Language Schools. Students should speak with their academic year department chair for credit distribution.

Study Abroad

Students applying to a Middlebury C.V. Starr School Abroad program must submit a separate online application found at the following link:

As with other Middlebury College course work, the following circumstances will result in course work, grades, and GPA being posted to the undergraduate transcript:

• A student taking summer Language Schools undergraduate-level courses.

• A student taking summer Language Schools or Bread Loaf School of English courses at the graduate level who wishes to apply them to their undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree.

NOTE: Middlebury undergraduates planning to use summer graduate-level course work toward the undergraduate degree must inform the Registrar’s Office by the end of the summer session. Middlebury undergraduates may count graduate work at the summer Language Schools toward their Middlebury degree, but are not able to reuse the course work toward a subsequent Middlebury College graduate degree. No changes will be made once the course(s) has been recorded as undergraduate credit.

Graduate work that students do not want or need applied to the undergraduate degree will be designated by the GR attribute and only will appear on the graduate-level page of the transcript. In such cases, GPA will be calculated at the graduate level and become part of the overall Middlebury record.

Post BA: Courses taken and grades earned at a Language School at the undergraduate level after the Middlebury BA has been awarded will not be included in the BA GPA.