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B.7 Grades and Transcripts


The following grades are used: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F. No grade below a B- may be applied to a Middlebury Master of Arts degree, nor below B+ to the Doctor of Modern Languages degree. An A+ grade is available only at the graduate level and represents exceptional level of achievement. Late submission of course work may have a negative impact on student grades as determined by the course instructor. Master of Arts and Doctor of Modern Languages degree students who are assigned a grade of “F” will be dismissed from the program.

Courses dropped after the end of the add/drop deadlines but on or before July 18 are recorded on the transcript with a grade of WD. A grade of WDF is recorded for courses dropped after July 18. Requests for a grade of WD after July 18 will be granted only in cases of documented and unforeseeable medical or family emergencies. Pass/Fail grades and notations of “no credit” or “auditor” are not available.

A change in grade will only be allowed in a case of clerical error or for the reason of fairness to the student. Students who wish to appeal a course grade should consult with the instructor of the course and the director of the School. Students must write a letter stating the reasons for the appeal and should include copies of all relevant supporting materials. A Change of Grade Form must be completed by the instructor of the course and the director. Subsequent appeal may be made to the dean of the Language Schools whose decision is final. Appeal must be made in the six months following receipt of the course final grade.

NOTE: GPA is calculated for all students attending Middlebury College.


Incompletes are seldom given in the summer session and only for illness or other compelling reasons, and must be approved by the director or associate director of the School. There must be a clear written understanding between the faculty member and the student as to the conditions under which the incomplete coursework is to be completed in order for the student to receive a course grade.

To petition for an incomplete grade, students must fill out an Incomplete Request Form available from the director of your School. Both the instructor and the director or associate director must sign the form. A grade of “incomplete” that has not been completed within three months from the end of the session automatically becomes a failure (F). Reminders of the deadline will not be sent by the Registrar’s Office.

Grade Reports

Final grades are available online (BannerWeb) approximately two weeks after the end of the session. Students are notified via email when final grades are available. Grades are never released over the phone or by email. Students will need their student ID number to access grades via BannerWeb.


Full instructions for ordering transcripts can be found at:

No transcripts are issued to students who are financially indebted to the College until satisfactory arrangements have been made with the Bursar’s Office.