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D. Residential Life Policies

Total immersion in the Language Schools is based on being in residence seven days a week. Classes are held Monday through Friday, but students should come prepared to remain on campus and work several hours each day, including weekends, and to interact with other students outside of class as a vital part of the curriculum. The Language Schools' co-curricular program is an integral part of the total immersion approach. Students need to participate as fully as possible in the cultural activities planned by each School and are encouraged to make use of the athletic and cultural facilities on campus.

If a student absolutely must be away from the campus overnight, the student needs to consult the school office and leave information in case of an emergency.

The Language Schools cannot provide housing for members of a student's family nor may guests be housed on campus.

The following residential life policies apply to the Language Schools:

Fundamental Purposes

Student Responsibilities & Expectations

Living & Learning

Entry by College Officials

Fire Safety Regulations

Noise Regulations

Pet Policy

Mills College (CA) Policies