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E. Policies for Faculty

Your Employment

Middlebury Language Schools' faculty and staff are considered "at will" employees. No employment contract is expressed or implied. Language Schools' faculty and staff are governed by the Middlebury College Handbook (

Salary Payments

Summer faculty and staff are paid in bi-weekly installments. The final payment will not be issued until all obligations to the College have been met.

Academic Policies

Information about Yourself and Your Courses

Each faculty member must submit a syllabus, including a description of how the final grade is determined, an outline of material to be covered—including exams and deadlines—for each course offered during the summer session, as well as a curriculum vitae (CV/résumé) to the School coordinator at the start of the session. In addition, supply your coordinator with a photograph and brief biography (200–250 words) to be posted on the Language Schools' website. Please give these documents to your School coordinator by the end of the first week of classes, or earlier if possible.


Classes meet five days a week, Monday through Friday. No holidays are observed during the summer session. Please refer any questions about class schedules and classrooms to the coordinator of your School.

In Middlebury's highly-intensive summer program, great importance is placed on regular attendance and participation. It is expected that students miss class only for illness or the most compelling of reasons. Normally students are not permitted to miss more than three days of class. Missing more than three days will likely result in removal from the program and failing grades. Please report to the director of your School any student who is frequently absent from class.

Advising Students

Please refer students who seem to be experiencing difficulty(handling stress, adjusting to language immersion, etc.) to either the College counseling center in Centeno House, ext. 5141, or the dean on call. Please reassure students that the Language Pledge is suspended when dealing with all health and counseling personnel.

We urge you to refer students who seem to be experiencing trouble adjusting to the College counseling center in Centeno House, ext. 5141, or to the Associate Dean, Elizabeth Karnes Keefe, ext. 5685. Please reassure students that the Language Pledge is suspended when dealing with all health and counseling personnel.

Student Records

In accordance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974), students or former students of Middlebury College have the right to inspect all educational records placed in their files after January 1975. Note: For additional information, contact the Registrar's Office at ext. 5770.

Class Lists

Please check class lists carefully for accuracy, and report any discrepancies to your School coordinator. If there are students in your class whose names do not appear on your class list, request that they clarify their status immediately with the School office. Note: Auditors are not included on class lists, and may not take an active part in class.

Class lists will be distributed at the beginning of the session. Please keep your list up-to-date during the add/drop period. Changes made through the add/drop period should be corrected by hand until you receive updated lists.

Once you receive the revised lists, please check to ensure that adds and drops have been properly entered. It is important that this be done carefully, as these lists are used for both final grades and for billing when extra courses are taken.

Course Changes

Students who wish to add or drop a course, or change from one section to another, must present you with add/drop cards for your signature and approval. The director or associate director of your School must also sign the cards. Please note the add/drop deadlines for Middlebury campus programs and Mills campus programs.


Please review Middlebury College's policies on Academic Honesty, as U.S. institutions are very strict about these matters. In particular, please emphasize to your students how sources are to be cited, and what, if any, consultation about work may take place among students.

Grades and Evaluations

Please conform carefully to the grading system used at Middlebury College. If this system differs from that of your home institution, or if you are unfamiliar with U.S. grading practices, please discuss the matter with the director of your School.

Changes in grades are permitted only to correct clerical errors or to ensure fairness to a student. If you find it necessary to change a grade, you must obtain a grade change form from your School office and submit the completed form to the director of your School.

Faculty members will be asked to evaluate graduate students who hope to be admitted to one of the Language Schools abroad. We appreciate your taking the time to make a careful and specific evaluation.

NOTE: The A+ grade is available only at the graduate level and represents an extraordinary level of achievement. Please meet with your director to complete a special form before assigning this grade. Also, please be aware that a failure report form must be completed and returned with your grade roster if you assign a student a failing grade.

Use of Electronic Resources at the Language Schools

All work submitted by students must be their own. It is unacceptable for students to have a native speaker of the language write their work. It is unacceptable to copy language from any source without quotation marks and proper reference. Use of any translation program to create work that is then turned in as the student's own, unless the assignment explicitly calls for the use of such programs, is considered plagiarism, serious offense and can result in punishment up to and including expulsion from the Language Schools.

The use of online dictionaries is acceptable because students are responsible for using the provided words or short phrases, choosing the most appropriate one, putting it in the proper grammatical context, and providing all necessary punctuation. A translation program, on the other hand, provides a complete phrase or longer piece of text; here a student has only to copy the provided words. Therefore, anything created by a translation program cannot be considered the student's own work and, such work will be considered academic misconduct, which is a serious offense and can result in punishment up to and including expulsion from the Language Schools.

Middlebury Language Schools students are bound by the Middlebury Honor Code

Grade Rosters

Your director or associate director will supply hardcopy grade rosters for your courses at the end of the session. After you enter the grades and sign the roster, return it to the director of your School. Please make sure that you turn in your grade roster before leaving campus. Please do not issue the final grades to your individual students. All grades are reported to students through BannerWeb.

Survey Policy

All surveys or questionnaires, of any kind, involving faculty, students, or staff, must be registered in advance with the office of the Dean of the Language Schools. The Dean's office will contact the director of the School (or Schools) involved for their permission. No surveys may be conducted without permission from both the dean and director(s) of the School(s). Each proposed survey needs to state in clear and unequivocal terms that participation by faculty or students is entirely voluntary and in no way related to course requirements or grades. If students are involved, the survey also must be approved by Middlebury's Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines

U.S. law provides protection to authors, creators, and publishers of works of literature or art. The law also enumerates specific uses that do not infringe on copyright for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research (e.g. fair use). Middlebury College values and respects intellectual property rights, even as it recognizes an equal responsibility to advance the needs of scholarship and teaching within the framework of the law.
Please review the Intellectual Property Policy.