C.3 Withdrawals and Refunds

Withdrawal Policy and Dates for Vermont Campus and Summer Programs Abroad

To withdraw from the Middlebury Language Schools, a student must complete and sign the official withdrawal form at the student's School office.

Students who complete arrival procedures (i.e., check in with the Language Schools or the Department of Public Safety, or who are in receipt of a room key or door code), but who decide to leave for any reason before the end of the fifth day of classes will, in addition to forfeiting the non-refundable deposit, be assessed a withdrawal fee of $2,000. This withdrawal fee is assessed because a place has been reserved for the student and cannot, therefore, be filled by another student. The Language Schools will not provide a refund if a student withdraws after the end of the fifth day of classes (see chart for deadlines by session). Students who cancel before the start date of any program forfeit the non-refundable deposit only.

Students who have utilized Federal Student Aid eligibility (loans and/or grants) will be subject to the Return of Title IV regulations set forth by the US Department of Education.

2020 Withdrawal Deadlines

Program, Session, Refund Deadline*

Arabic 8-week program – June 26
Arabic 6-week program – July 10

Chinese 8-week program – June 26
Chinese 6-week program – July 8

French 6-week program in Paris – June 19
French 7-week program – July 3
French 6-week program in Vermont – July 8

German 7-week program – July 3
German 6-week program – July 8

Hebrew 7-week program – July 3
Hebrew 6-week program – July 3

Italian 7-week program – July 3
Italian 6-week program – July 10

Japanese 8-week program – June 26

Korean 8-week program – June 26

Portuguese 7-week program – June 26

Russian 8-week program – June 26
Russian 6-week program – July 8

Spanish 6-week program in Buenos Aires – June 24
Spanish 7-week program – July 3
Spanish 6-week program in Vermont – July 8

*Refund deadlines expire at 5:00 pm on date noted

REAPPLICATION AFTER WITHDRAWAL: An undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to reapply after having withdrawn or been asked to withdraw for medical or psychological reasons will be required to submit a medical readmission form. The form must be completed and signed by the treating physician or psychotherapist indicating that the student is prepared to undertake an intensive program of study and noting what specific accommodations, if any, the student will request.