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C.7. Separation from the Institute

C.7.a. Non-Retention

Regular faculty members whose non-retention is decided upon pursuant to the evaluation process are entitled to receive a Notice of Non-Retention. All Notices of Non-Retention shall be in writing and shall be served either personally or by registered or certified mail in accordance with the established schedule (see Appendix A), namely no later than June 30, or approximately a year prior to the expiration of an appointment.

C.7.b. Separation for Cause

In addition to non-retention pursuant to the evaluation process outlined in section C.6.h., faculty may be separated for cause for engaging in prohibited conduct in accordance with the procedures for responding to faculty misconduct, described in section C.8.g.

C.7.c. Reduction in Program

A critical lack of funds and/or the discontinuance of, or reduction in, a program may necessitate a reduction in faculty. Before any non-renewal of contract is decided upon that ground, the VPAA shall consult with the appropriate school dean and other administrators, as appropriate, in order to seek alternative ways to employ affected faculty members.

C.7.d. Resignation

A member of the faculty is expected to furnish written notice of resignation as early as possible but not later than December 1, if the resignation is to be effective the following academic year. By mutual and written agreement, shorter notice may be given.