Privacy and Security of Library Records

Borrower records maintained by the libraries, which contain information relating to the identity of a library borrower or the borrower's use of books or other materials at the library are confidential. Middlebury College ID holders may access their library accounts via a protected account on the library's Web page.

These records may only be released with the express written permission of the borrower involved, or as the result of a subpoena, warrant or court order. Under terms of the USA PATRIOT legislation, the College may not be permitted to inform you if information has been released as part of a terrorist or criminal investigation. Under Vermont law, Sec. 1. 22 V.S.A. chapter 4:


(a) A library’s patron registration records and patron transaction records shall remain confidential.

(b) Unless authorized by other provisions of law, the library’s officers, employees, and volunteers shall not disclose the records except:
(1) with the written permission of the library patron to whom the records pertain;
(2) to officers, employees, volunteers, and agents of the library to the extent necessary for library administration purposes;
(3) in response to an authorized judicial order or warrant directing disclosure;
(4) to custodial parents or guardians of patrons under age 16;
(5) to the custodial parents or guardians of a student, in accordance with the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, by the library at the school the student attends.

(c) Statistical records pertaining to the patronage, circulation activities, and use of any service or consultation the library provides, provided that they do not contain the names of patrons or any other personally identifying information, shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter.


Any person whose confidential patron registration records or patron transaction records have been disclosed, except as provided in this chapter, is authorized to bring a civil action against the library that disclosed the records.