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C.1. Emergency Preparedness

The expectations in this Emergency Preparedness section are intended to apply to all members of the Middlebury community. Implementation on each campus or for specific programs may vary.

A. Reporting Illegal Activity and/or Threats: Anyone who believes that an individual has committed or may commit illegal activity, has committed or may commit an act of violence, is engaging in behavior or making statements that generate concern about the potential for violence, or otherwise may pose a threat to the health or safety of any member of the Middlebury community should contact Public Safety immediately. Individuals may also make a report about threatening behavior to their Commons Dean or any member of the TAM Team (TAM Team members are listed on the Team’s website: go/threatassessment).  In case of a crime in progress or an immediate emergency, call 911.

B. Contact Information:  All Middlebury students and employees need to provide and maintain current emergency contact information in BannerWeb for use in the event of an emergency, crisis, or significant disruption.  Students are also required to provide an evacuation plan in BannerWeb.  In the event of an emergency, Middlebury will use its Emergency Notification Systems (ENS) to provide timely information and updates for students, parents, faculty, staff and other members of the campus community.   For more information about emergency notifications systems at Middlebury, click here.

C. Emergency Response: Middlebury has emergency response plans in place for a wide range of situations, known collectively as the Emergency Operations Plan. The Emergency Operations Plan is supported by three emergency teams:  The Executive Policy Group, the Emergency Management Team, and the Emergency Management Auxiliary Team.  More information about those plans and teams can be found at  All members of the Middlebury community are expected to support emergency operations as needed, including by fulfilling ordinary responsibilities of their institutional role, and/or taking on other responsibilities as needed. 

D. Threat Assessment and Management: Middlebury has established a Threat Assessment and Management Team (“TAM Team”), which is empowered to assess risk and formulate an appropriate response in situations where an individual’s behavior and/or statements generate concern that he or she may present a threat to health or safety of others.  The TAM Team seeks to mitigate potential risks before they result in harm.  All members of the Middlebury community are expect to share information with the TAM Team when they believe an individual poses a threat to the physical safety of members of the Middlebury community, or in response to request for information from the TAM Team.  More information is available in the Threat Assessment and Response Policy.