COVID-19: Essential Information

C.3. Emergency Removals Policy

  1. In addition to fostering the growth of its individual students, Middlebury recognizes its obligation to protect the safety of the Middlebury community as a whole and to take appropriate action when that safety is jeopardized. To that end, Middlebury reserves the right, notwithstanding and apart from the procedures described under General Disciplinary Processes and other policies, on an emergency basis, to ban from campus, suspend, expel, or require to withdraw any individual whose presence at Middlebury is determined by the appropriate Middlebury authorities (vice president, dean, etc.) to pose a danger to the Middlebury community or its members, or to be unduly disruptive of Middlebury’s academic or other programs and/or residential life, or who appears to be unwilling or incapable of effectively and/or safely participating in Middlebury’s academic or other programs and/or residential life.
  2. In such cases, actions taken will be subject to review, typically within one week, by the appropriate Middlebury authority.
  3. In cases of emergency removal (other than expulsion) of a student, the conditions and procedures for return will be determined and communicated in writing to the student at the time of the student’s departure or shortly thereafter.  For more information, see the applicable student status policy. 
 Rev. 7/5/2019