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C.8. No Smoking Policy

The purpose of this policy is to promote the well-being of all faculty, staff, students, employees, and visitors to Middlebury by protecting our clean air. Middlebury complies with all fire and safety codes, as well as applicable state laws governing tobacco use in public areas. Both California and Vermont law ban smoking in most public places. 

Smoking, including e-cigarette use, is prohibited in all Middlebury buildings and any part of a building structure such as porches, decks or balconies. This includes all residence halls and small houses occupied by students, as well as all indoor areas of Middlebury workplaces. 

Smoking shall not take place within 25 feet of areas where smoke is likely to enter buildings.  This includes building entranceways, near open windows, and especially near building air intakes. Additionally, in areas where there is a high frequency of problematic smoking, signs will be placed to remind community members not to smoke in that area. An annual reminder will be sent out at the beginning of the academic year and during summer programs to help to educate the community about these concerns. 

Failure to observe this policy will be treated as a fire safety violation and may result in discipline and/or fines as appropriate.