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2.17 Internal Career Opportunities

Filling a position: Human Resources, in coordination with the hiring department and area vice president, facilitates recruitment.

Faculty recruitment: The vice president for Academic Affairs / dean of faculty, in conjunction with department chairs, handles faculty recruitment. Faculty vacancies are posted on the Academic Affairs web page.

Staff recruitment: For most job vacancies, Human Resources and the appropriate senior administrator determine if there is a candidate for whom the vacancy is a natural career progression. In such cases, posting of the position may not occur. If broader recruitment is necessary, the position will appear on the Employment Opportunities web page for a minimum of five business days and staff members may apply online. Temporary positions of one year or less are not necessarily posted. At the discretion of the president, certain jobs may not be posted.

Employment opportunities: Employment Opportunities are listed on the Human Resources web page. Available positions are categorized as internal or external. Only active employees and their spouses/domestic partners may apply to internal vacancies. All candidates may apply to external vacancies, including those outside of the Middlebury community.  Position requirements are included with the description of each job opening.

Applying for a posted position: Interested employees should submit a resume online via the Employment Opportunities web page once they have identified a position of interest. Employees must have been in their current position for a minimum of three months before they are eligible to apply for positions in other departments.

If an employee is selected to interview for a position and is a final candidate, it is expected that the employee will inform his or her current supervisor at that point. If an employee is offered and accepts a position external to the employee’s current department, coordination between both departments and Human Resources is required to ensure that the timing of such a transfer does not result in a hardship to the College.

Filling a position: The search committee or department supervisor selects the best-suited candidate to fill the job vacancy. The supervisor contacts Human Resources to determine an appropriate hiring wage and to coordinate issuing the job offer.

Career decisions: Employees should give careful consideration to all career moves. Having accepted a promotion or requested or accepted an internal transfer, an employee is unlikely to have the option of returning to the old position should the new one not work out.