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1.1 Introduction

The Employee Handbook is designed to provide all employees with clear, concise, and accessible information about employment at Middlebury College. Throughout the Handbook are links to specific College policies, procedures or related information.

The Handbook is intended solely to provide guidance on the mutual expectations shared by the College and its employees. It is not an employment contract and does not create any type of contractual obligations. Neither the employee nor the College is bound to continue the employment relationship if either, at any time, chooses to end it.

The College reserves the right to change, revise, or eliminate any of the policies described herein.

As faculty members are employed on a contractual basis, some of the policies and provisions contained herein are not applicable to them. Provisions applying solely to the faculty are described in the Faculty chapter of the College Handbook.

The College employs U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens abroad and in states other than Vermont. The terms of employment for all employees will be governed by the provisions of the College's Employee Handbook (which is amended from time to time; see Employee section at, except where: 1) such provisions conflict with the specifically-applicable law of the country or state of employment; 2) such provisions conflict with a specific contract or appointment letter issued to an individual employee; and/or 3) the College determines that the application of a particular provision in a particular circumstance would not be appropriate, given the employment context at issue. The College will comply with the employment law of the country or state in which an employee is employed, and will comply with U.S. law in employing employees abroad, to the extent that U.S. law applies specifically to such employment.

While the Employee Handbook provides much detail, it does not cover every situation. Questions about the information should be directed to Human Resources at ext. 5465.