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9.4 Retirement

The College has no standard retirement age. However employees who have met certain age and service requirements when they leave the College will be classified as "Middlebury Retirees" and may be eligible for certain retiree benefits. In order to be eligible for retiree benefits an employee must:

a) have been employed by the College in a benefits-eligible position for ten consecutive years following the attainment of age 45; or

b) be a faculty member who has resigned from a tenured position to take a part-time position, regardless of age or years of service.

Retiree benefits may include certain post-retirement benefit programs, a retirement gift from the College, retiree lunch benefits, retiree I.D. card.

A retiree who has met the eligibility requirements for the dependent education programs will remain eligible for these programs.

Contact Human Resources for benefit eligibility details.

The last day prior to retirement must be a worked day or a Middlebury Holiday (it cannot be a CTO day or unpaid day), except that special rules apply to employees retiring as a result of disability.

Middlebury College appreciates the advantages that phased or transitional retirement arrangements offer to both the employee and the College. Middlebury College is willing to work with employees on a case-by-case basis to assist them in a successful and fulfilling transition into retirement. Due to operational needs, not all options are open to all employees. Contact Human Resources at ext. 5465 for guidance.