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5.4 Reporting Time and Payroll Issues

All employees of the College are paid every other Friday on a biweekly pay period basis. If a payday falls on a holiday, employees will receive paychecks on the last working day of the week. The pay period begins on Monday and ends on the following second Sunday.

The pay calendar schedule can be found in the Compensation Section of the Human Resources Web site.

All time must be submitted by noon on the Tuesday following the close of the pay period in order to be included in the next pay check. If employees feel their check may be inaccurate, first they must verify that their time was submitted accurately and on time. Issues regarding rate of pay, positions or titles, and CTO should be directed to Human Resources. Other paycheck issues such as taxes and direct deposits should be directed to Payroll.

BannerWeb is the primary method used on campus for recording time. BannerWeb is a web-based system which allows employees to access and enter their time from any computer with internet capability. Employees should confirm with their supervisors for training on the time-keeping standards used in their respective departments.

Reporting time accurately is critical. It is the responsibility of the employee to report his or her time, and the responsibility of the supervisor to verify the employee's time. Falsification of a time record is a terminable offense, as is the knowing approval of a false time card.

In order to meet the needs of the College community, attendance and promptness are taken into account in performance reviews. If an employee is unable to come to work for any reason, the employee must contact the appropriate supervisor before the start of the workday. If the employee is unable to reach the supervisor, he or she should follow the department’s procedure for notification. The College appreciates as much notice as possible. Individual departments, due to coverage needs, may set specific notification times.