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4.13 Vermont Earned Sick Time Act

The Vermont Earned Sick Time Act (21 V.S.A. §§ 481–486) provides that employers must allow eligible employees to accrue a bank of hours that may be used as paid time off for certain health or safety needs and/or for the care of a qualifying family member.  Three of Middlebury’s employee paid time off policies - Combined Time Off (CTO), Faculty Leave Reserve (FLR) and Vermont Earned Sick Time (VEST) - meet or exceed the provisions of this law. Eligibility for paid time off benefits is based on employment classification and work state: 

  • benefits-eligible staff employees fall under the CTO policy,
  • benefits-eligible faculty members have FLR, and
  • certain student employees as well as non-benefits eligible faculty and staff employees who work in Vermont may be eligible for VEST. 

Employees should refer to the Combined Time Off, Faculty Sick Leave Reserve or Vermont Earned Sick Time policies for specific eligibility and benefit provisions.