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4.4 Holidays

There are two types of holidays: Regular Holidays and Floating Holidays. The eligibility and usage of each differs according to the guidelines below. When a holiday falls on a Saturday it is observed on the preceding Friday; holidays falling on Sunday are observed on the following Monday.

Floating Holidays

Designated Floating Holidays are: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day; the College is partially open for business on these days. Each department will determine whether or not to close operations, and those that remain open will determine the appropriate staffing level, based on operational needs.

Administration: If a benefits-eligible regularly scheduled staff member takes a Floating Holiday off, CTO must be recorded on the employee's timesheet. In offices that remain open on floating holidays, managers will work with staff to ensure adequate staffing. Staff members who work will be paid at their regular pay rates for the day. In offices that close on floating holidays, the expectation is that all employees will take the day off; advanced management approval is required for exceptions.

Eligibility: Most full- and part-time benefits-eligible staff (those that are eligible for CTO) are eligible for floating holidays.

Regular Holidays

The designated Regular Holidays are: New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Day and generally, noon on Christmas Eve through midnight on New Year's Day. Human Resources will communicate the actual holiday shutdown dates to the campus community by July 1 for the upcoming fiscal year.

Holiday pay is provided to benefits-eligible staff who are regularly scheduled to work on a day when the College is closed in observance of a regular holiday. The intent of holiday pay is to keep paychecks whole. The intent is not to provide an equal number of holiday hours to each employee; employees may be entitled to different amounts of holiday hours, depending on their regular schedules and to what extent their regular schedules overlap with the holiday schedule.

Administration: Benefits-eligible staff will receive holiday pay for the designated regular holidays that fall on their regularly scheduled days of work. For example, staff members who usually work on Fridays receive holiday pay for the Friday after Thanksgiving; however, an employee whose regular schedule does not include Friday would not. Holiday pay cannot be used to pay a staff member more than he or she would earn in a typical week, except that Holiday pay counts as work time when calculating overtime.

Eligibility: Full- and part-time benefits eligible staff are eligible for Regular Holidays.

Holiday Premium Pay

The purpose of holiday premium pay is to provide additional compensation to non-exempt staff members who work on a designated regular holiday. Holiday premium pay is one and one-half times the regular rate of pay.

Administration: Most non-exempt staff members are eligible for holiday premium pay if they work on a designated regular holiday. Exceptions to eligibility are seasonal employees who work at the Snow Bowl or Rikert, areas that do not experience a shut-down period.  Benefits-eligible staff also receive holiday pay as described above if they work on a regular holiday.

See Recording Holiday Pay and Worked Holiday Time Procedures .