COVID-19: Essential Information

4.11 Weather Emergencies

Extreme weather emergencies may arise throughout the year.  Given that the College must continue to provide services regardless of the weather, the assumption should be that the College will remain open.  However, while the College does not normally close, employees are responsible for assessing the impact of the weather on their commutes.  Supervisors will be flexible in allowing staff members to make appropriate adjustments to their schedules.  Staff members should use CTO to cover any absences from work due to weather emergencies when the College remains open.

On the rare occasion when the College administration determines that weather conditions pose a significant hazard to the safety of its employees, it may authorize the closing of the College.  In those cases, staff members will be paid as if they had worked their regular schedule.  Non-exempt staff members who were required to work during the weather emergency due to the essential nature of the services that they provide will be paid a premium for time worked.  Specific questions should be directed to Human Resources.  The Emergency Information Line (802.443.2500) will have recorded information announcements in the case of emergency.