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C.22. Death Benefits

In the Event of Death
In addition to whatever life insurance payment the family of a deceased faculty member may be entitled to under the College's life insurance program, the College will normally provide a Survivor's Death Benefit in an amount equal to:

Years of Continuous Full-Time Service (as Determined by the VPAA/DoF)

Maximum Months Salary

less than 5

three months

5 – 10

four months

10 – 20

five months

20 or over

six months

The Survivor's Benefit will be made, by lump sum payment, to the faculty member's surviving spouse, civil union partner, or domestic partner (as documented in the College's Office of Human Resources). If the faculty member has minor children, but no spouse/partner, the benefit will be paid for the benefit of the minor children. Faculty members without spouses/partners or minor children are not eligible for this benefit.