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B.1.b. Calendar

The Academic Year

The Middlebury College calendar is determined according to the following guidelines. The Calendar Committee may make reasonable adjustments within these rules to accommodate any specific year.

a. Fall Semester

i. Normally, orientation week begins the first Wednesday after the first Monday in September and classes begin the following Monday.

ii. The semester extends for 13 weeks, followed by a final examination period.

iii. There are two recess periods:

(a) Two days, usually during the sixth or seventh week

(b) Wednesday through Sunday of Thanksgiving week

b. Winter Term

Winter term begins between January 3 and 6, depending upon when New Year's Day falls.  Winter term will consist of 19 days of instruction.  The break between winter and spring terms will normally be a minimum of 11 days and a maximum of 16 days, but when this schedule necessitates beginning spring term classes in midweek the break may be reduced to 9 days.

c. Spring Semester

i. Spring semester classes usually start on the Monday after the winter break as defined above.

ii. The semester extends for 13 weeks, followed by a final examination period.

iii. There is a recess period of one week, usually after the sixth or seventh week of the spring semester.

d. Summer Study

i. The period available for Summer Study usually begins in mid-June and ends in late August.

ii. Summer Study courses will extend for at least four weeks within the Summer Study period, with the specific dates determined by the faculty member in charge of the course.

e. Final Examination Period

For fall and spring semester, the final examination period normally begins two to three days following the end of classes. Exams are scheduled for five days, as listed on the College calendar. The spring semester examination period may be shortened to avoid having Commencement occur later than May 30.

No activities, athletic events (games or practices), course registration, additional or makeup classes will be scheduled for this period of time. All class activities must be concluded on the last day of classes. A thesis defense may be scheduled during the final examination period. Events that do not require student attendance may be held during exam week. However, no events requiring service support from Facilities Services, Media Services or Dining Events can be scheduled from Friday through Monday during exam week in May.