Pets and Animals

Companion animals are not allowed overnight in any College-owned building and may not live in residence halls. Companion animals are not allowed in offices, classrooms, or other non-residential spaces during working hours. Exceptions to this policy are sanctioned support animals for people with disabilities, such as guide dogs, companion animals living in College units rented to faculty and staff, and small animals (e.g., fish and hamsters) kept in appropriate aquariums or small cages at all times. Snakes and ferrets, even if caged, are not allowed in residence halls at any time.

Dogs visiting campus grounds shall be on a leash or under verbal control at all times. Dogs may not be left unattended or tied to any objects (e.g., structures, trees, or vehicles). All damages caused by an animal are the responsibility of the owner or guardian of the animal at the time of the damage; repairs will be billed accordingly.

These policies apply to all members of the College community. Failure to adhere to these policies may result in fines up to $200 and other disciplinary action.