Identification Card (MiddCard), Photo Policies and Door Access Records

ID and Photo

The MiddCard is a personal identification card with a photograph.  It allows students, faculty, and staff specific privileges and benefits.  Middlebury College stores MiddCard photos electronically, and uses the photos only for official college business.

Student identification card photos are maintained by the College as part of the student's record, are considered personally identifiable information under FERPA, and may be disclosed only in the event of a health or safety emergency or in response to a lawfully-issued subpoena or judicial order.

Employee photos are maintained as part of the employee's employment record.

Information on submitting your photo and obtaining your ID card is available on the Department of Public Safety’s website (
Information on using a preferred name on your ID card and at the College is located at:

Members of the College may choose to place their college photo with their listing on the college's Web directory.  For information on how to add your photo to the Web directory, see or contact IT.

Midd Card Privileges and Benefits


  • Admission to athletic facilities during posted hours
  • Admission to campus events
  • Campus library book and materials loan privileges
  • Open access to all dining halls [enrolled students only]
  • All students must have a MiddCard and may not allow others to use it for any reason.


  • Access to athletic facilities during posted hours (subject to Athletics Facilities policy regarding use and guest limits).
    • The Natatorium, fitness center, and ice rink are available to cardholders during posted hours. Students have priority in the use of these facilities.
    • Discounts at the College store and other College retail operations.
      • Please see the Employee Benefits policy for information on Golf Course and Snow Bowl discounts for eligible employees
      • Library privileges
      • Door access to certain campus buildings during specified times

 Spouses or Domestic Partners

The spouses or domestic partner of a benefits-eligible employee is eligible to receive a Spouse/Partner card with the same privileges as an employee card (except door access).  Please see the Employee Benefits policy or contact Human Resources for information on discounts available to eligible employees.

Replacement and Return

There is a $20 replacement fee assessed to students who have lost MiddCards.

Employees must return their MiddCards to Human Resources upon termination of employment or if they lose their MiddCard eligibility.  Retirees are encouraged to trade their former employee MiddCards for a retiree MiddCard.

Middlebury College reserves the right to cancel a MiddCard if the card is misused or if the status of the cardholder changes.

Door Access Records

The College’s card access system creates and retains door access records.  These records are only reviewed in the following situations:

  1. By Public Safety staff or IT staff when the records are necessary to determine if the access system is functioning properly or to troubleshoot system or individual access problems. 
  2. By Public Safety as part of a missing person investigation.
  3. For investigations of serious conduct violations or criminal activity, additional authorization is required.  
  4. The Dean of the College or the appropriate Administrator on call for the College must review and determine approval to view these records in a case involving a student.
  5. Human Resources has review and approval responsibility in cases involving a faculty or staff member.
    1. Card access records will not be used for time and attendance issues.

 rev. 8/12/15