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Spousal/Partner Employment Guidelines


Like many liberal arts colleges in rural areas, Middlebury College understands that both a candidate for the Faculty and the spouse/partner of that candidate often seek employment simultaneously. In order that Middlebury College continue to be a desirable place to work and live, the College seeks to respond to these needs to the extent it is able by providing informational assistance to spouses and partners who seek employment.  One of the College's most important goals must be to attract and to retain the very best faculty and staff.  Spousal/partner employment is a vital consideration in realizing this goal.


Middlebury College will try to facilitate spouse/partner employment in the following ways.  The Dean of the Faculty's Office and the Human Resources Office will extend assistance to the spouses/partners of present or incoming faculty and staff to secure employment in the community.  A person who is a spouse/partner of a Middlebury College employee will be considered an internal candidate for posted vacancies. Please contact the Human Resources department for more information. 

Middlebury College, however, cannot guarantee employment for any individual. Spousal/partner employment will be based upon the same principles pertaining to employment elsewhere at the College:

1) Middlebury will strive to attract and retain the best faculty and staff.

2) While doing so, Middlebury will also strive to increase the number of women and persons of color on its administration, faculty and staff.

Middlebury College is an active member of the Academic Career Network and the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, regional ventures that seek to address dual-career problems in academic institutions. The Academic Career Network offers a number of faculty-oriented career support services, including a web-based database of faculty partner profiles, a website that maintains links to academic and administrative positions at member institutions that is available exclusively to faculty partners, personalized notification of relevant career opportunities for registered partners; and career management and networking opportunities.  In addition to Middlebury, member institutions include Williams, Amherst, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, Hampshire, UMass Amherst, Trinity, Connecticut, Vassar, Union, Skidmore, and Wesleyan.

The New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium supports a higher education career website to assist job seekers at member institutions.  The University of Vermont, Dartmouth, and Champlain College are among the 50 regional member institutions.


When a department chair schedules a campus interview for a candidate for a position on the Middlebury faculty, he or she should inform the candidate that it is College policy to offer informational assistance through the Human Resources Office to a spouse or partner who is seeking employment. The Dean of the Faculty will provide the candidate with information about the Academic Career Network.

A list of open positions at Middlebury College is maintained by the Middlebury Human Resources Office. This website is also linked to a listing of possible academic positions, which will be updated regularly by the academic administration.  The candidate should be given the name, address, and phone number of a staff member in Human Resources, as well as the home page website, so that s/he can undertake a search.

Extensive information on employers in the region is available from the Vermont Department of Labor.

Local job opportunities are posted by the Addison County Economic Development Corporation.

In dealing with issues of spousal/partner employment, the academic administration and other college offices can neither guarantee employment nor violate equal employment opportunity for all applicants.  The purpose of this policy and these procedures is to make certain that, for spouses and partners of current or prospective employees, information about job opportunities is made as readily and fully available as possible.

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