The Chair of the IRB reviews submitted research applications throughout the academic year, about once every two weeks. The full IRB reviews applications once a month during the academic year. The IRB does not meet during the summer.

Many submitted protocols, because they involve relatively little risk, can be evaluated by the Chair or a subcommittee of the full committee. In these cases, you'll normally hear back from the IRB Chair within two weeks of submission.

Research that involves higher risk factors or so-called "vulnerable populations" (e.g., children) requires the approval of the full IRB, which meets once a month during the academic year. Research funded by federal grants must also be reviewed by the entire IRB. For an application to be considered by the full IRB, the complete and final application must be submitted at least one week before the committee meets. Incomplete, draft, or partial applications received by this date will not be considered to have met the deadline.

Deadlines for Fall 2014 - all deadlines occur on the date specified at 11:59 p.m.

Meeting, September 19 - Deadline, September 12

Meeting, October 24 - Deadline, October 19

Meeting, November 21 - Deadline, November 14

Meeting, December 12 - Deadline, December 5