Sociology & Anthropology

We offer a wide array of courses and every course we offer is comparative, in the sense of looking at the impact of culture and society in a range of contexts. But we also have a division of labor to help you choose courses addressing your interests.

The anthropology side of our department contributes to international studies (we have two Latin Americanists, an Africanist, a China scholar and a Southwestern Asia scholar), human ecology, gender studies, sociolinguistics and ethnic studies. Recently we have hired an archaeologist and a linguistic anthropologist, enabling our department to offer courses in all four fields of anthropology: sociocultural (our strength), archaeological, linguistic, and physical (human evolution).

The sociology side of our department includes studies of major institutions (e.g., punishment, education, religion, family life, gender, heterosexuality), significant social processes (e.g., identity formation, social movements, deviances) and experiences both in the US and abroad (e.g., tourism). The courses use both classical and contemporary social theory as lenses to investigate these various issues.

Students bring many different agendas to Sociology/Anthropology. But you do not need an agenda to take our courses. Whether you’re attracted more to sociology, or more to anthropology, or are equally attracted to both, all our departmental majors are Sociology/Anthropology majors. Only students doing minors must focus on one or the other, as sociology minors or anthropology minors.


Department of Sociology & Anthropology

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