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Svea Closser
2016    Understanding and Applying Medical Anthropology, 3rd ed., with Peter Brown (eds.). Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

2016 “A New Reflexivity: Why Anthropology Matters in Contemporary Health Research and Practice, and How to Make It Matter More,” with Erin Finley, American Anthropologist 118(2): 385-390.

2014    “The Impact of Polio Eradication on Routine Immunization and Primary Health Care: A Mixed-Methods Study,” with Kelly Cox, Thomas M. Parris, R. Matthew Landis, Judith Justice, Ranjani Gopinath, Kenneth Maes, Hailom Banteyerga Amaha, Ismaila Zango Mohammed, Aminu Mohammed Dukku, Patricia A. Omidian, Emma Varley, Pauley Tedoff ‘06, Adam D. Koon, Laetitia Nyirazinyoye, Matthew A. Luck, W. Frank Pont, Jr, Vanessa Neergheen ‘13, Anat Rosenthal, Peter Nsubuga, Naveen Thacker, Rashid Jooma and Elizabeth Nuttall ’12. Journal of Infectious Diseases. Open access: 

2013    “Why We Must Provide Better Support for Pakistan's Female Frontline Health Workers,” with Rashid Jooma. PLOS Medicine 10 (10): e1001528.

2010    Chasing Polio in Pakistan: Why the World's Largest Public Health Initiative May Fail. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.

James Fitzsimmons

2015    Maya Polities of the Southern Lowlands, with Damien Marken (eds). Boulder: University of Colorado Press.

2015    Living with the Dead: Mortuary Ritual in the Andes, with Izumi Shimada (eds.).  Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.

2012    “The Living and the Dead,” in The Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican
, Deborah Nichols and Christopher Pool, eds., pp. 776-786. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2011    Living with the Dead: Mortuary Ritual in Mesoamerica, with Izumi Shimada (eds.).  Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.        

2009    Death and the Classic Maya Kings. Austin: University of Texas Press.

C. Winter Han
2015    Geisha of a Different Kind: Race and Sexuality in Gaysian America. New York: New York University Press.

2015    “No Brokeback for Black Men: Pathologizing Black Male (Homo)sexuality through Down Low Discourse,” Social Identities 21(3): 228-243.

2008    “No Fats, Femmes, or Asians: The Utility of Critical Race Theory in Examining the Role of Gay Stock Stories in the Marginalization of Gay Asian Men,” Contemporary Justice Review 11(1): 11-22.

2008    “A Qualitative Study of the Relationship between Racism and Unsafe Sex among Asian and Pacific Islander Gay Men,” Archives of Sexual Behavior 37(5): 827-837.

2007    “They Don’t Want to Cruise your Type: Gay Men of Color and the Racial Politics of Exclusion,” Social Identities 13(1): 51-67.

Matt Lawrence

2016    “And Their Children After Them? The Effect of College on Educational Reproduction,” with Richard Breen, American Journal of Sociology 122(2): 532-572.

2016    “Unequal Advantages: The Effects of Parental Educational Mobility on Children's Preparation for College,” American Educational Research Journal 53: 71-99.

Jamie McCallum

2015    “Implementing Global Framework Agreements: The Limits of Social Partnership,” with Michael Fichter. Global Networks 15(1): 65-85.

2015    “Labor and Inequality: American Society After the Decline of Unions” (book review), Contemporary Sociology 44(2): 167-170. 

2013    Global Unions, Local Power: The New Spirit of Transnational Labor Organizing. Ithaca: Cornell ILR Press.

2013    “The International Division of Labor,” in Sociology of Work, Vicki Smith, ed., pp. 450-452. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

2012    “Supporting Dissent versus Being Dissent,” with S. Toff, in Confronting Finance: Mobilizing the 99% for Economic and Social Progress, Nicolas Pons-Vignon and Phumzile Ncube, eds., pp. 57-63. Geneva: International Labour Office.

Peggy Nelson

2014    Open to Disruption: Time and Craft in the Practice of Slow Sociology, with Anita Ilta Garey and Rosanna Hertz (eds.).  Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.  

2010    Parenting Out of Control: Anxious Parents in Uncertain Times. New York: New York University Press.  Reissued in paperback, 2012.

2005    The Social Economy of Single Motherhood: Raising Children in Rural America. New York: Routledge.  Reissued as an e-book, 2014.

1999    Working Hard and Making Do: Surviving in Small Town America, with Joan Smith. Berkeley: University of California Press.

1990    Negotiated Care: The Experiences of Family Day Care Providers.  Philadelphia: Temple University Press.  Reissued as an e-book, 2010.

M. Eleanor Nevins

2015    “’Grow with That, Walk with That’: Hymes, Dialogicality and Text Collections,” in The Legacy of Dell Hymes: Ethnopoetics, Narrative Inequality and Voice, Paul Kroskrity and Anthony Webster, eds., pp. 71-107. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

2013    Lessons from Fort Apache: Beyond Language Endangerment and Maintenance. West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell.

2013    “Speaking in the Mirror of the Other: Dialectics of Intersubjectivity and Temporality in Western Apache Discourse,” with Thomas J. Nevins, Language and Communication 33(3): 292-306.

2010    “The Bible in Two Keys: Traditionalism and Apache Evangelical Christianity on the Fort Apache Reservation,” Language and Communication 30(1): 19-32.

2008    “They Live in Lonesome Dove: Media and Contemporary Western Apache Place-Naming Practices,”Language in Society 37(2): 191-215.

Linus Owens

2016   “Amsterdam Squatters: The Right to the City Meets a Politics of Mobility,” in A European Youth in Revolt, K. Andreson and B. van der Steen, eds., pp. 53-66. London: Palgrave.

2014   “Emotions and Social Movements,” with J. Jasper, in Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions, J. Stets and J. Turner, eds., pp. 611-635. New York: Springer.

2012    “Have Squat, will Travel: How Squatter Mobility Mobilizes Squatting,” in Squatting in Europe: Radical Space, Urban Struggles. Squatting Europe Kollective, eds., pp. 185-208. London: Minor Compositions.

2012    “At Home in the Movement: Constructing an Oppositional Identity through Activist Travel across Europe,” with Ask Katzeff, Elizabeth Lorenzi, and Baptiste Colin, in Understanding European Movements, L. Cox and C. Flesher Forminaya, eds., pp. 172-186. London:  Routledge.

2009   Cracking under Pressure: Stories of Decline in the Amsterdam Squatters’ Movement. Amsterdam: Penn State University Press & Amsterdam University Press.

Ellen Oxfeld

2015    “Moral Discourse, Moral Practice, and the Rural Family in Modern China,” in Modern Chinese Religion II: 1850-present, Vincent Goossaert, Jan Kiely and John Lagerwey, eds., pp. 401-432. Leiden and Boston: Brill.

2014    “The Moral Significance of Food in Reform Era Rural China,” in Ethical Food Movements in Post-Socialist Societies, Melissa Caldwell, Yuson Song, and Jakob Klein, eds., 44-68. Berkeley: University of California Press.

2010    “Drink Water, but Remember the Source”: Moral Discourse in a Chinese Village. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Michael Sheridan

2016    “Boundary Plants and the Social Production of Space in Agrarian Societies,” Environment and Society 7:29-49.

2016    “The Politics of Rain: Tanzanian Farmers' Discourse on Climate and Political Disorder,” in Anthropology and Climate Change: From Actions to Transformations, 2nd ed., Susan Crate and Mark Nuttall, eds., pp. 228-240. Walnut Creek, CA: Routledge.

2016    “Cultural Capital and Structural Power in African Landscapes:  The Social Dynamics of Sacred Groves,” in Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa, John Beardsley, ed., pp. 237-261. Washington, DC: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, Landscape Studies Program. 

2014    “The Social Life of Landesque Capital and a Tanzanian Case Study,” in Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Modifications, N. Thomas Håkansson and Mats Widgren, eds., pp. 155-171.  Walnut Creek, CA:  Left Coast Press.

2012    “Water:  Irrigation and Resilience in the Tanzanian Highlands,” in Ecology and Power: Struggles over Land and Material Resources in the Past, Present, and Future, Alf Hornborg, Brett Clark, and Kenneth Hermele, eds., pp. 168-181. London:  Routledge.

David Stoll

2015    “Children on the Border: Could Migration be the Problem, Not the Solution?” Anthropology Now http://anthronow.com/online-articles/children-on-the-border

2014    “Informalization from Above and Below: Comprehensive Immigration Reform and the Reconfiguration of U.S. Labor Markets,” New Labor Forum 21(4): 76-85.

2014    “The Economics Behind the Border Pile-Up,” Wall Street Journal, July 14.

2013    “Strategic Essentialism, Scholarly Inflation and Political Litmus Tests: The Moral Economy of Hyping the Contemporary Mayas,” in Anthropology and the Politics of Representation, Gabriela Vargas-Centinela, ed., pp. 33-48. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press.

2012    El Norte or Bust! How Migration Fever and Microcredit Produced a Financial Crash in a Guatemalan Town. Boulder, Colorado:  Rowman & Littlefield.

Rebecca Tiger

2015    “Celebrity Gossip Blogs and the Interactive Construction of Addiction,” New Media & Society 17(3): 340-355.

2013    Judging Addicts: Drug Courts and Coercion in the Justice System. New York: New York University Press.

2013    “Celebrity Drug Scandals, Media Double Standards,” Contexts 12(4): 36-41.

2011    “They Tried to Make Her Go to Rehab,” Contexts 10(3): 68-69.

2011    “Drug Courts and the Logic of Coerced Treatment,” Sociological Forum 26(1): 169-182.

Trinh Tran

2015    Overlapping and Disconnected Social Spheres: A Multi-Contextual Model of the Link Between School Choice and Neighborhood Effects on Adolescents. Ph.D dissertation, Sociology.  Berkeley: University of California – Berkeley.

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