Senior Work Projects

Due Dates for 2018-2019

Students who wish to turn their one-semester project into a two-semester project will apply to a panel consisting of their project adviser and another SOAN faculty member. The registration date for J/term is early November, which means you must defend your proposal before this date in order to be able to continue and register for credit during J/term and beyond. If you are beginning in J/term, this should happen halfway through that semester.

Project due dates (all 5 PM)

One-Semester Project

Fall: Final copy due December 10

Spring: Final copy due May 13

Two-Semester Project

Fall/Winter: Final copy due February 4

Winter/Spring: Final copy due May 13

NOTE: While draft dates set by your adviser are advisory, there is a heavy grade penalty for failing to meet the final due dates listed above. Do NOT plan on obtaining an extension of the final due date.

How to write an abstract

Sociology/Anthropology Senior Projects

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