College Fairs

The Admissions Office is often asked to send representatives to secondary schools to participate in College Fairs, College Nights or Career Day programs. We are frequently unable to send Admissions Office staff so alumni representatives attend instead. Your presence reinforces Middlebury’s visibility and provides students unfamiliar with Middlebury a chance to make an initial contact.

Although procedures vary, the process of arranging your presence at a college fair generally goes as follows:

The Admissions Office will (1) Ask you to represent the College at the college night, college fair, or career night. (2) Provide details of the event and send you a copy of the school’s invitation. (3) Alert the school that you will be the official Middlebury representative. (4) Send you handout materials for the fair approximately a week before the event.

In order to be prepared for the fair/event, you should be familiar with what is current at Middlebury. Your time at the fair will be spent standing behind a table answering questions about the College, and any questions you cannot answer can be referred to the Admissions Office. We give out less material these days and are more likely to have “table copies” of materials for you to review with students. After the fair, please return the table banner to the Admissions Office.

Please note that even though we offer alumni interviews, please be sure that the students understand that is the case only if there is an alum available in their area.

If you know of fairs being held in your community to which Middlebury has not been invited, please contact the person in charge of the event so that Middlebury can be represented. 

Finally, on behalf of the entire admissions office, thank you for representing Middlebury at College Fairs, College Nights and Career Days. We find your help in this way to be invaluable.

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