Herbert J. Broner '49
Past CEO of Mohasco Corporation
successful businessman

As president, chairman and chief executive officer of Mohasco Corporation, Herb Broner headed one of the country's leaders in the consumer durable goods field, a company perhaps better known to consumers through such trade names as Barcalounger and Mohawk Carpets. Mr. Broner joined Mohasco in 1968 after 13 years as president of the Row Furniture Company. He is credited with taking a sluggish, diversified manufacturer and boosting sales and earnings to record levels. His distinctive management style not only revitalized his corporation but brought him recognition within the American business community. In 1985 he was honored as one of the nation's top chief executive officers by Financial World Magazine and the following year received the Torch of Liberty Award of the anti-Defamation League.



Patricia Sherlock Davidson '59
Professor of Mathematics, expert in math related to learning

A leader in the field of mathematics education, Ms. Davidson has also distinguished herself through her pioneering efforts in neurological research. A professor of mathematics and computer science at the University of Massachusetts at Boston and mathematics specialist as Children's Hospital Medical Center, she earned an M.A.T. from Radcliffe and a doctorate in education from Harvard. During a break in her teaching career in the early '60's she edited mathematics texts for Houghton Mifflin Publishing, and in 1965 was named the first coordinator of mathematics for the Newton (MA) school system. She joined the education faculty at Simons College in 1969 and, a year later, was named to the faculty of Boston State College. Her dedication to improving the quality of math comprehension and teaching has been honored by UMass and Harvard and with Fulbright and Sloan Foundation grants.


Frederick Dirks '31
10/22/09 - 11/6/98

Fred Dirks graduated from Middlebury Phi Beta Kappa, earning a master's degree from Tufts and completing doctoral studies at Columbia. He first applied his economic research skills to the work of the Federal Reserve Board, then joined the Office of the U.S. Military Government in Germany as chief of financial intelligence for two years following WWII and then moved on to the post of economist in the Office of the U. S. Secretary of Defense. His major career work began in 1950 when he joined the International Monetary Fund where for 25 years he held a variety of senior research and policy posts. His many hobbies included travel and the documentation of those travel experiences through a camera lens. Former president of the National Photographic Society, his slide shows were seen by audiences from Washington to Middlebury.


Donald K. Yeomans '64
Scientist, leading asteroid and comet authority

As a member of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology, Yeomans is one of this country's most respected authorities on asteroids and comets. For a number of years he was active internationally as astrometry specialist for the International Halley (Comet) Watch and was principal investigator on NASA's Comet Rendezvous-Asteroid Flyby mission. Mr. Yeoman's has been honored by the leading astronomical and scientific organizations both here and abroad for his research and contributions to our understanding of the universe and, in particular, for his work in connection with the 1985-86 International Cometary Explorer mission which led to the first fly-through of a comet and to the successful missions of the European Giotto, the Soviet Vega 1 and Vega 2 and Suisei and Sakigake spacecraft. He is the first Middlebury graduate in memory to have an asteroid (No. 2956) named in his honor.



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