Sabra Field (American, born 1935)

Mural of Cosmic Geometry, 2010

Synthetic oil, based on 2009 suite of sixteen linocuts
Executed by Colossal Media, New York
35 x 35 feet

Purchase of the Committee on Art in Public Places with funds provided by the Middlebury College Board of Trustees One Percent for Art Policy and matching private donations

Location: East wall of Wright Memorial Theatre

A well-known printmaker and Middlebury College alumna, Sabra Field has never previously adapted her work to the large scale and public environment of an outdoor mural. The catalyst for this project was Kate Lupo ’10 who thought a work such as Cosmic Geometry was the perfect remedy for the blank east façade of Wright Theatre.

Sabra Field, Mural of Cosmic Geometry


Cosmic Geometry in its original form is a suite of sixteen prints that depict an array of cellular, plant, animal and architectural patterns in a grid and grouped in themed quartets that depict spiraling, tiling, branching, and scaling. The images themselves represent subjects that range from the Duomo in Florence and the Pantheon in Rome to a spiral nebula and an electric spark.

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