Committee on Art in Public Places Members 2011–2012

CAPP is chaired by the Director of the Middlebury College Museum of Art. The core of the committee is comprised of the standing members of the Museum's Collections Committee. In addition, the committee includes the following ex officio members: VP for College Advancement, Chair of the Middlebury College Arts Council, Associate VP for Facilities Planning, the Director of the Arts, the Museum's Exhibitions Designer, the Operations Manager of the Mahaney Center for the Arts, a treasurer and two trustees of the college as designated by the President, two elected student members from the Department of History of Art and Architecture, and two elected student members from the Program in Studio Art.

R. Saunders, chair
D. Perkins, Clerk
K. Anderson
P. Broucke
J. Butler
H. Chamberlain ’12
C. Clifford
N. Clifford, Friends of the Art Museum representative
C. Cotton ’12
N. Cushman
E. Donadio
A. Doucette ’12
R. Graham, trustee member
J. Horvitz, trustee member
J. Houskeeper
J. Huddleston
R. Lapham, Arts Council chair
K. Lee ’12
C. Packert
K. Pohlman
J. Chester Young

Art in Public Places
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Mahaney Center for the Arts
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Middlebury, VT 05753
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