Middlebury Athletics Wins Award

January 15, 2004

1/15/04 - The Middlebury College Athletic Department has been given an honorable mention award by the National Association of Division III Athletic Administrators (NADIIIAA). The award was presented in recognition of the outstanding community service projects performed by the institution's student-athletes during the 2003-04 academic year.

The organization cited the well-publicized work the school has done with local resident Butch Varno for the past 42 years. The work involves picking up Varno, who is afflicted with cerebral palsy, and bringing him to each home football and basketball game at the College. It also involves tutoring and working with him throughout the school year.

The other major work cited was performed by the football team's starting running back, Matt Wolf. The senior has been involved in the "Future Stars" program in the Lowell, Massachusetts area during his summers. The program is a leadership and gang-prevention program for Cambodian youth in the area. Wolf has been involved since '98 and been a major influence on the kid's lives. "Over the past four years, whatever I've tried to give, I've gained a substantial amount more," said Wolf.