Fall NESCAC Academic Team Announced

November 25, 2009

The New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) has announced its 2009 Spring All-Academic Selections. To be honored, a student-athlete must have reached junior academic standing and be a varsity letter winner with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.35. A transfer student must have completed one year of study at the institution. The following are Middlebury's representatives:

Name Yr. Hometown Sport
Bean, Whitney Jr. Waukee, Iowa Volleyball
Brown, Logan Jr. Denver, Colo. Field Hockey
Condit, Cailey Jr. Leverett, Mass. Cross Country
Cornbrooks, Carson Jr. Williston, Vt. Men's Soccer
Demers, Anjuli Sr. Dracut, Mass. Women's Soccer
Dickson, Donovan Jr. Austin, Texas Cross Country
Doar, Mullery Sr. Winnetka, Ill. Field Hockey
Downer, Caroline Jr. Stamford, Conn. Women's Soccer
DuPre, Natalie Sr. Louisville, Ky. Volleyball
Edwards, Jake Jr. Easton, Conn. Men's Soccer
Elmer-Dewitt, Molly Sr. Brooklyn, N.Y. Volleyball
Everson, Jeffrey Sr. Hopkins, Minn. Football
Ford, Anne Sr. Dexter, Mich. Women's Soccer
Galgano, Jenny Sr. Wyckoff, N.J. Women's Soccer
Grant, Allison Jr. Louisville, Ky. Field Hockey
Green, Connor Jr. Wellesley, Mass. Football
Haluska, Dan Sr. Wellesley, Mass. Football
Heritage, Dana Sr. Cheshire, Conn. Field Hockey
Hoffman, Peter Sr. Rochester, Minn. Cross Country
Kahn, Madison Jr. St. Louis, Mo. Field Hockey
Keenan, Jesse Sr. Hadley, N.Y. Men's Golf
Kennedy, Alex Jr. Chevy Chase, Md. Football
Kramer, Jack Jr. Brattleboro, Vt. Football
Kuchan, Anthony Jr. Wauwatosa, Wis. Football
Kunofsky, Ben Sr. Dallas, Texas Men's Golf
Levins, Jimmy Jr. Rutland, Vt. Men's Golf
Lundquist, Kirsten Jr. Boxford, Mass. Women's Soccer
McCormack, Heather Sr. Rowley, Mass. Field Hockey
Millard, James Sr. Greenwich, Conn. Football
Nangle, Colin Sr. Westport, Conn. Men's Soccer
Nelson, Nat Jr. Concord, N.H. Cross Country
Quinlan, Amanda Sr. Antrim, N.H. Cross Country
Reed, David Jr. New Canaan, Conn. Football
Robson, Emma Jr. estport, Conn. Cross Country
Rowell, Annie Jr. Craftsbury, Vt. Women's Soccer
Ruymann, Katie Jr. Medford, N.J. Women's Soccer
Saeed, Faisal Sr. Cockeysville, Md. Men's Golf
Sanders-Fleming, Ian Sr. Cambridge, Mass. Cross Country
Shell-Schnitzer, Beno Sr. Montreal, Que. Football
Sincerbeaux, Robert Sr. Weston, Mass. Football
Strumolo, Andrew Jr. Norfolk, Conn. Men's Soccer
Sullivan, Anne Sr. Westport, Conn. Cross Country
Terrett, Jack Jr. Sherborn, Mass. Cross Country
Walker, Lindsay Sr. Ridgewood, N.J. Women's Soccer
Waters, Michael Sr. Bedford, Mass. Cross Country
Weir, Ben Jr. Underhill, Vt. Cross Country
White, Mallory Sr. Colorado Springs, Colo. Volleyball
White, Sam Jr. Chicago, Ill. Football
Wood, Chris Sr. Deptford, N.J. Football