Fitness Center

fitness center


The Middlebury College fitness center is one of the finest of its kind in New England. Overlooking the Green Mountains with its surrounding windows, the fitness center provides a great area for the Middlebury College community to stay in shape.

The split-level facility covers 9,200 square feet, containing 30 pieces of aerobic equipment, a full 22-piece Nautilus circuit, a hammer circuit and extensive free weight and dumbbell areas. The fitness center houses several elliptical trainers, treadmills and stationary bikes, stair steppers and rowers.  There is also a “Jungle Gym” cable station and a flexibility/core workout area, complete with medicine and stability balls.

The free weight section is extensive, with over four tons of free weights. All of the school’s iron grip dumbbells and plates are urethane-coated and display the Middlebury Panther logo.

Heavyweight equipment includes six adjustable husker racks, three adjustable squat racks, four leg press machines and three olympic power stations. The hammer strength room includes a dozen pieces of hammer equipment including two leg presses, a jammer machine and a Vertimax trainer.

For the beginner or the advanced fitness enthusiast, the Middlebury College fitness center has something to offer for everyone.