The following information should answer your questions about Physical Education classes. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact the Physical Education Administrative Associate, Carolyn LaRose at x5189 or Noreen Pecsok, PE Director at x2287. 

How many “credits” must I get in order to graduate?

Two credits must be earned in PE in order for a student to graduate. The PE department encourages students to complete the two credits by the end of their second full year at Middlebury, as the Junior and Senior years at Middlebury can become very involved.

 A student who does not complete the two required credits before the end of the senior year, will not have their name called, will not be allowed to walk across the stage and will not be given their diploma.

 Can I repeat an activity/sport for the second credit?

A student may not take the same activity/sport twice and receive a second PE credit.

 How do I drop or add a PE class?

All PE classes are added or dropped on Banner. NO ADD CARDS ARE USED BY THE P.E. DEPARTMENT.

 When is the drop/add period for PE classes?

The Drop/add period for PE classes is different than the drop/add period for academic classes. The drop/add deadlines are as follows:

Fall I, 2014 – ends on August 22, 2014

Fall II, 2014 – ends on September 19, 2014

J-Term 2015 – ends on December 12, 2014

Spring I, 2015 – ends on January 23, 2015

Spring II, 2015 – ends on February 20, 2015

Can I just show up to a class and register or add there?

A student who is not pre-registered on Banner for a PE class, will NOT be allowed to enter the class.

How do I know what classes are held during Fall I versus Fall II, etc?

Fall I classes start with an 0100 series number.

Fall II classes start with an 0200 series.

J-Term classes start with an 0300 series.

Spring I classes start with an 0400 series.

Spring II classes start with an 0500 series.

 What are the dates of each of these PE sessions?

Fall I, 2014 – starts the week of September 15th and runs through October 17th.

Fall II, 2014– starts the week of October 27th and runs through December 5th.

J-Term 2015 – starts January 5th and runs through January 30th.

Spring I, 2015 – starts the week of February 16th and runs through March 20th.

Spring II, 2015 – starts the week of March 30th and runs through May 1st.

Can I get a J-term PE credit if I am not enrolled in a J-term academic class? 

Students can not receive a credit in any PE class during J-term if they are not also registered in an academic class.  

How do I know if my class has a fee?

When registering for the class on Banner, simply click on "view catalog entry" and the course description will show if there is a fee for the class.

 Can I get a refund on my PE class?

Credits to your account will ONLY be issued if you drop the class online during the drop period or if you notify the PE Administrative Associate prior to the first day of the class. No credit will be issued after that time, regardless of the situation.

 How do I know where a class is held?

When registering for the class on Banner, simply click on "view catalog entry" and the course description will tell you where the class is being held.

 How do I know what day the First Aid class meets?

When registering for the class on Banner, simply click on "view catalog entry" and the course description will show what day(s) the class meets.

How do I register for ski lessons?

Ski lessons are not a part of Banner registration. For alpine, telemark and snowboarding lessons, call the ski school at the Snow Bowl. For nordic ski lessons, call the Rikert Ski Touring Center. They will give you the times and cost for the lessons.

Can I simply take a class if I don’t want the credit for it?

Students must be enrolled on Banner in order to participate in any PE class, whether the intention is to receive a PE credit or not.

How are PE “credits” applied?

One must complete 8 hours of class instruction time (7 hours during J-term) to receive a PE credit. All credits will be posted on your transcript at the end of the academic semester.

Does a PE “credit” affect my GPA?

PE “credits” do not carry a grade point and will not affect your GPA. They will also not appear as an incomplete if you were unable to fulfill enough hours to receive a PE credit.

Can I make-up a class at a later date?

Banner is set up to acknowledge separate semesters of the school year. All “credits” must be applied during that particular semester. No credit can be given if not met during that semester.

I am a varsity athlete. Does this give me a PE credit? Are Junior Varsity athletes also eligible?

All varsity and junior varsity athletes are eligible for one PE credit. A second credit will not be given for participation on the same team a second year. A separate PE class must be taken to fulfill the second credit.

If you are a two-sport athlete both of the required two credits may be earned for your participation on each of the two separate sports.

Are any club sports eligible for PE credits?

There are currently six club sports that receive a PE credit. These clubs have full time paid adult coaches. They are Rugby, Crew, Water Polo, Cricket, Sailing and Aikido.

Does my participation on an intramural team get me a PE credit?

No. PE classes are instructional classes. Attendance is also a key factor in receiving a PE credit. Therefore, participation on an intramural team will not earn you a PE credit.

I have current American Red Cross First Aid and CPR certification cards? Can I show those for a PE credit? What about Scuba certification cards?

Yes, American Red Cross or American Heart Association adult First Aid and CPR certification will get you one PE credit. The cards must be shown to the Director of Physical Education, Noreen Pecsok for verification. NAUI and PADI certification cards will also get you one PE credit.

Do any of the Dance department classes receive a PE credit?

Yes. There are a number of the academic dance classes that also receive a PE credit, along with a number of dance department workshops. Any information regarding these dance department classes or workshops should be obtained through Aimee Diehl in the Dance department.

I have heard that there are Student Activities workshops during J-term that give PE credit. How do I find out about those?

There are a large number of Student Activities workshops available during J-term. A listing of all of the workshops is available late November and those receiving PE credit are noted in the list of workshops. Contact Student Activities for information on these workshops.

Is there any way I can appeal a decision made by the director of Physical Education about my PE credit?

Yes, there is a Physical Education Appeals Committee. You can contact Noreen Pecsok, Director of Physical Education x2287, or Carolyn LaRose, Physical Education Administrative Associate  x5189, and they will direct you to the committee chair.