Men's Tennis Advances To Regional Final

May 5, 2007

Middlebury advanced to the NCAA Regional final with a 5-0 win over Southern Maine in a match played on campus. The Panthers will take on the winner of the Amherst/M.I.T. match, in the regional final on Sunday at noon. Southern Maine ends its season at 9-3).

Middlebury had little trouble with Southern Maine as they captured all three doubles matches before holding convincing leads in singles play. The Panthers won the first set of all six singles matches, losing just two games. Andrew Thompson was the first player to earn a victory for Middlebury, defeating Derek Stevenson 6-0, 6-0 in the #5 singles slot. Filip Marinkovic sealed the win as he won his #6 singles match over Ian Carey with a pair of 6-0, 6-0 sets.

Final Score: Middlebury defeats Southern Maine, 5-0.
#3. Filip Marinkovic/Conrad Olson (Middlebury) def. Ian Carey/Kazan Prindle (S. Maine) - 8-1 (1-0 Middlebury)
#2. Kevin Bergesen/Andrew Thomson (Middlebury) def. Chris Chaffee/Derek Stevenson (S. Maine) - 8-1 (Middlebury 2-0)
#1. Alex Scott/George Mayer (Middlebury) def. Craig Spann/Josh Warren (S. Maine) - 8-3 (3-0 Middlebury)

#5. Andrew Thomson (Middlebury) def. Derek Stevenson (S. Maine) - 6-0, 6-0 (4-0 Middlebury)
#6. Filip Marinkovic (Middlebury) def. Ian Carey (S. Maine) - 6-0, 6-0 (5-0 Middlebury - match complete)
#1. Alex Scott (Middlebury) led Craig Spann (S. Maine) - 6-0, 4-0
#2. Conrad Olson (Middlebury) led Josh Warren (S. Maine) - 6-1, 5-1
#3. George Mayer (Middlebury) led Justin Chaffee (S. Maine) - 6-0, 4-0
#4. Kevin Bergesen (Middlebury) led Chris Chaffee (S. Maine) - 6-1, 5-0