Zeke Davisson
Graduation Year: 2008
Previous School: Gould Acad.
Hometown: Bethel, Maine
Major: Political Science
Describe your initial reaction upon seeing the campus and athletic facilities for the first time.

For the ski team, Middlebury’s best attribute is the Snow Bowl. I raced here in high school before applying to college and was struck by the exclusive access the ski team has to such an amazing facility; no other ski team or NESCAC sports team has the same advantage the Snow Bowl provides the Middlebury Ski Team.

What is the one thing that makes Middlebury College a special place for you?

At Middlebury, I’m able to compete for a nationally competitive sport without sacrificing the personal feel of a smaller college. It is always special when you are given the opportunity to study at a world class institution while competing athletically at such a high level.

What is your best memory as a player at Middlebury College?

My first Middlebury Carnival race. After not competing in it my freshman year, the race my sophomore year was particularly poignant due to the emotion of the race and the adversity our team had overcome in the prior weeks. The feeling I had when I crossed the line with the crowd was cheering was my best as an athlete.

What have you learned from your sport that you will use in your everyday life?

Time management and perseverance. I have learned to balance my studies with the demanding time constraints my sport requires. I have also learned that although some goals aren’t immediately attained, perseverance is the key to accomplishing what at times seem unlikely.


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