#1 Kira Gordon
Position: OF
Height: 5-5
Previous School: Scarborough
Hometown: Scarborough, Maine
Describe your initial reaction upon seeing the campus and athletic facilities for the first time.

I had a unique experience because I first saw the campus and athletic facilities almost ten years ago, when my older sister Meghan came to Middlebury and played softball here. At that age, I thought everything about this school was a dream and that my sister was so lucky to be going to school at such a beautiful and exciting place. Ten years later, I am still amazed by how fortunate we are here at Middlebury. The same awe I felt at age 11, I still feel every day on this campus, particularly on the softball field.

What is the one thing that makes Middlebury College a special place for you?

Middlebury College is such a special place for me because of the people I have encountered here. While the beauty of the campus and the academics and athletics are clearly exceptional, the quality of people here is unparalleled. Everybody is so kind, warm, and excited about everything that they do; it is infectious. I have been given the unbelievable opportunity to form meaningful relationships, with professors, coaches, and friends, that I am sure will last forever. My teammates, in particular, are among the most amazing people I have ever met, and have become like family. I have always felt so at home here at Middlebury.

What is your best memory as a player at Middlebury College?

My best memory as a player at Middlebury College would have to be our double header against Wesleyan in my sophomore year. It was our Softball Parents’ Weekend and all of our parents, siblings, alumni, and friends were here at Midd. cheering us on. In the first game, we trailed 4-3 going into the bottom of the seventh, and started a no-out rally to win the game 5-4. The second game of the day was forced into extra innings, and in the bottom of the 10th inning, we came back and scored 3 runs to win the game, again 5-4. Our team showed so much heart and resilience that day and every member of the team contributed in one way or another. It felt so good to come together and pull off two amazing wins in front of our home crowd against a great team.

What have you learned from your sport that you will use in your everyday life?

From softball, I have learned the value of hard work and persistence, of having a good attitude, and always doing my best. I have learned that working together toward a common goal can be more important and satisfying than individual accomplishments. I have learned not only how to be a good teammate and friend, but also how to lead, to take initiative, and, hopefully, how to inspire others. Playing softball has been one of my most memorable experiences and has taught me invaluable lessons that I will most certainly carry with me for the rest of my life.


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