Joe Johnston
Graduation Year: 2008
Position: Diving
Previous School: East Chapel Hill
Hometown: Chapel Hill, N.C.
Major: Physics
Describe your initial reaction upon seeing the campus and athletic facilities for the first time.

I first saw the campus during a spring snowfall and the contrast between the fluffy, pure white snowflakes and the vibrant green of early spring made me fall in love with the place. Middlebury seems to exist on a whole different plane from the rest of the world. The athletic facilities also seem to be on higher plane. Our facilities are reminiscent of a much larger division one school and I still feel lucky to have access to them.

What is the one thing that makes Middlebury College a special place for you?

Middlebury is special to me because of the unique opportunities I have been exposed to as a result of being a student here. At many other schools I may not have been able to dive at all, yet at Middlebury I have been able to thrive and now enjoy a leadership position on my team. This is true of academics as well, as a science major I am still able to take courses in pure liberal arts subjects, like film or literature.

What is your best memory as a player at Middlebury College?

My best memory as a diver at Middlebury actually comes from a meet that I was not part of. I remember standing at women’s NESCAC’s with the entire men’s team dressed as smurfs cheering on our girl’s team. There was an incredible sense of camaraderie and pride for our school that I will never forget.

What have you learned from your sport that you will use in your everyday life?

I have learned that with hard work and continued optimism anything is possible. I have also learned what great joy can come out of succeeding at something that you love and have worked hard at as well as the importance of having team (or family or group of friends or coworkers) that can share in that joy and make it tenfold more memorable.


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