#15 Katie Fisher
Graduation Year: 2008
Position: G
Height: 5-9
Previous School: College Prep School
Hometown: Oakland, Calif.
Major: Psychology
Describe your initial reaction upon seeing the campus and athletic facilities for the first time.

Upon first inspection, I was heartily disenchanted to find a graveyard directly across the street from the athletic facilities. However, once the area was covered by a blanket of snow in the winter, the place definitely grew on me. Now, my dad and I joke that if I am able to give enough money someday, perhaps I too can be buried there.

What is the one thing that makes Middlebury College a special place for you?

Our facilities and dining staff members are amazing! Waking up as early as 3 a.m. to tour messy dormitories or hit the kitchen to bake twenty loaves of banana bread, our staff does some of the hardest work with the friendliest smiles across their faces all day long. These are the people that motivate me to enjoy the day.

What is your best memory as a player at Middlebury College?

During sophomore year my mom came from California to watch a few games - one of which being a home game against Amherst. In the first half I couldn’t miss. I would throw up some awful shot and it would just cruise through the rim like nothing. It was phenomenal to play so well in front of my mom.

What have you learned from your sport that you will use in your everyday life?

Perhaps opposite the cliché, I have learned that hard work in the off season does not necessarily translate into rewards during the season. What basketball has taught me, however, is how to respond productively to disappointing situations – how to walk off the court with your head up after a tough loss.


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