Brooke Farquhar
Graduation Year: 2008
Previous School: St. Andrew’s School (Del.)
Hometown: Sandy Spring, Md.
Major: English & Italian
Describe your initial reaction upon seeing the campus and athletic facilities for the first time.

Having attended a boarding school situated amidst cornfields in Delaware, I felt right at home when I arrived in Middlebury's rural setting. The mountains and fields surrounding the campus give the college the unique quality of a small, rural school-- a quality that remains despite the development of state of the art buildings and facilities.

What is the one thing that makes Middlebury College a special place for you?

I am very proud to attend a school so conscious of its environmental footprint. Middlebury leads other institutions around the country in its efforts to reduce its own environmental damages, which makes it a very inspiring community.

What is your best memory as a player at Middlebury College?

Our win over Colby in the 2007 NESCAC Tournament is one of my favorite memories of the past few seasons. We went into that match having just barely lost to Bowdoin 5-4, but instead of being discouraged, we came together as a team and pulled out a 5-4 win over Colby. I believe it was our first win over Colby in several years.

What have you learned from your sport that you will use in your everyday life?

Patience. Because of the limitations of a busy college schedule, there are only a few hours a day in which to practice and develop as a player. I've learned that in simply making myself really focus for these few hours a day, I can see big results over the course of a few months. Same with everyday life-- it's hard to work at something when you don't see immediate results, but I've learned if I keep working at something hard enough, the results I want will eventually come.


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