Women's Tennis Team To Host Clinic

January 5, 2004

The Middlebury women's tennis team will be running two tennis clinics in January in an effort to raise money for travel and other team-related activities.  The clinics will be held on Saturday, January 17th and Saturday, January 24th from 10am - 3pm in the Nelson Recreational Center located in the Middlebury athletic facilities.  Students, professors, faculty, community members and their children are all welcome to attend!  Participants can sign up for hour slots by themselves or with others.

Private lessons: $20/hr, $15/hr for students

Group lessons (2-4 people): $10/hr/person (same rate for everyone)

We encourage people to bring their own racquets, but racquets will be provided if necessary.

Please come support the tennis team!

Call Jena at 443-7180 to reserve a space!