Women's Tennis Cruises Past Skidmore

April 7, 2010

The Middlebury women's tennis team improved to 6-1 overall with an 8-1 road win at 24th ranked Skidmore. The 15th ranked Panthers were playing without several players in the line-up, but dropped only two sets in singles play.

Position  Middlebury College  Skidmore College  Winner  Score
 #1 Singles  #21 Victoria Aiello  Danika Robison  Middlebury College  6-4, 6-2
 #2 Singles  Leah Kepping  Rachel Loeb  Skidmore College  6-1, 2-6, 10-6
 #3 Singles  Jamie Haar  Laura Attley  Middlebury College  6-4, 6-0
 #4 Singles  Anna Burke  Nataly Mendoza  Middlebury College  6-0, 6-4
 #5 Singles  Sally Wilkey  Tori Engros  Middlebury College  6-4, 6-2
 #6 Singles  Blake Harries  Brittany Trimble  Middlebury College  7-6 (9), 7-5
 #1 Doubles  Brittany Faber
 Leah Kepping
 Danika Robison
 Nataly Mendoza
 Middlebury College  9-7
 #2 Doubles  Victoria Aiello
 Anna Burke
 Tori Engros
 Laura Attley
 Middlebury College  8-4
 #3 Doubles  Sally Wilkey
 Hilary Cunningham
 Rachel Loeb
 Brittany Trimble
 Middlebury College  8-0