Women's Tennis Opens Fall At Williams

September 12, 2010

The Middlebury women's tennis team began its fall season with a trip to Williams to compete with Vassar, Skidmore and the host school. The round robin style play gave players plenty of match experience as they prepare for the ITA's later this fall.

Saturday's Results:
Winners are in bold.
Singles Round 1:

A Flight:
Brittany Faber (M) vs. Kathleen Elkins (W)                        6-4; 6-1
Leah Kepping (M) vs. Melissa Hirsh (S)                        7-6 (3); 6-2

B Flight:
Sally Wilkey (M) vs. Lucy Marchese  (W)                              6-3; 6-1

C Flight:
Taylor French (W) vs. Dorrie Paradies (M)                  6-3; 0-6; (10-7)
Whitney Hanson (M) vs. Lindsay Kantor (V)          6-2; 6-4

D Flight:
Caroline Dunn-Rankin (V) vs. Blake Harries (M)          3-6; 6-4 (10-6)
Lauren Kelly (M) vs. Keirsten Sires (S)                  6-3; 6-2

Singles Round 2:
A Flight:
Elkins (W) vs. Kepping (M)                                  6-3; 6-0

B Flight:
Wilkey (M) vs. Ruther (V)                                             6-2; 6-1
French (W) vs. Kelly (M)                                              6-0; 6-0

C Flight:
Paradies (M) vs. Nolan (S)                                        6-3; 6-0
Hanson (M) vs. Horn (V)                                           6-3; 6-3

D Flight:
Harries (M) vs. Sires (S)                                                                  6-3; 6-1

Doubles Round 1:
A Flight: 
Reich/Alotta (W) vs. McAtee/Wilkey (M)                   8-2                  
Faber/Kepping (M) vs. Beckerman/Block (V)              8-4

B Flight:
Paradies/Hanson (M) vs. Hirsch/Nolan (S)               8-3                

C Flight:
Ruther/Smith (V) vs. Kelly/Harries (M)                      8-3

Doubles Round 2:
A Flight:
Reich/Alotta (W) vs. Faber/Kepping (M)                         8-6     
McAtee/Wilkey (M) vs. French/Worley (W)                       8-6          

B Flight:
Paradies/Hason (M) vs. Capute/Marchese (W)             8-0       

C Flight:
Horn/Dunn-Rankin (V) vs. Kelly/Harries (M)                    8-2         

Sunday's Results:
Singles Round 1:  (8:30am)
Worley (W)  def. Wilkey (M)                       6-0; 6-2                     
Marchese (W) def. Kepping (M)                      6-2; 6-1       
Capute (W) def. Paradies (M)                        6-3; 6-2                   
Friedman (W) def. Harries (M)                       6-2; 6-2  
French (W) def. Hanson (M)                     6-1; 6-1
Baird (S) def. Kelly (M)                            5-7; 6-2; (10-6)      

Singles Round 2: (10:15am)
Alotta  (W) def.  Wilkey (M)                        6-0; 6-2
Worley (W) def. Paradies (M)                     6-0; 6-3
Shoemaker (W) def. Kepping (M)            6-1; 7-6 (7-2)
Thygesen (W) def. Harries (M)                   6-2; 7-5
Sires (S) def. Hanson (M)                          6-0; 6-3            

Doubles Round 1:  (12:15pm)
Faber/Kepping (M) def. French/Worley(W)            8-4
McAtee/Wilkey (M) def. Thygesen/Elkins (W)         9-7
Sires/Bryan-Ajania (S) def. Paradies/Hanson (M)    8-6