Women's Tennis Falls In Regional Final

May 15, 2011

The Middlebury women’s tennis team saw its season come to an end with a 5-0 loss at Amherst in the NCAA Regional Finals. The Jeffs continued their postseason run and head to the national quarterfinals with an 18-2 record, while the Panthers end their season at 11-6.

Picking up Amherst’s first point on Sunday were Mimi Bell and Natasha Brown, who defeated Anna Burke and Victoria Aiello at number two by a score of 8-3 for their fifth consecutive win of the season. First-years Jordan Brewer and Gabby Devlin then bumped Amherst’s lead to 2-0 with an 8-5 result in the top matchup, followed by Jennifer Newman and Caroline Richman coming out on top at number three to complete the doubles sweep.

Brewer gave the Jeffs their fourth point when she defeated Aiello in the number one singles match, 6-3, 6-2. Carlissa King then sealed the win at number two, earning a 6-1, 6-4 victory over Leah Kepping. When play was stopped, Middlebury’s Brittney Faber was leading Devlin at number three, 7-6(4), 2-1. The remaining three singles matches were all tied up in their first sets. 

Due to inclement weather, Sunday’s match was moved indoors to the Grande Meadows Tennis Club in Longmeadow, Mass.

Amherst def. Middlebury, 5-0
1) Jordan Brewer/Gabby Devlin (A) def. Brittney Faber/Leah Kepping (M) 8-5
2) Mimi Bell/Natasha Brown (A) def. Anna Burke/Victoria Aiello (M) 8-3
3) Jennifer Newman/Caroline Richman (A) def. Dorrie Paradies/Sally Wilkey (M) 8-6

1) Jordan Brewer (A) def. Victoria Aiello (M) 6-3, 6-2
2) Carlissa King (A) def. Leah Kepping (M) 6-1, 6-4
3) Brittney Faber (M) led Gabby Devlin (A) 7-6(4), 2-1 (DNF)
4) Caroline Richman (A) vs. Sally Wilkey (M) 1-1 (DNF)
5) Natasha Brown (A) vs. Anna Burke (M) 2-2 (DNF)
6) Laken King (A) vs. Dorrie Paradies (M) 2-2 (DNF)

Order of Finish (Doubles): 2, 1, 3
Order of Finish (Singles): 1, 2