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General Information

Launched in January 2005, Events at Middlebury is the central, comprehensive calendar of events happening on the campus of Middlebury College. The calendar is designed as a convenient tool for the campus community to promote and access information about the array of offerings available at the College.

How the calendar benefits the campus community:

Rather than having to rely on several different sources to piece together accurate and complete information about what's happening on campus, you can find it all now in Events at Middlebury. In this new calendar, you are able to search on various levels - by event type, by date, and by keyword - to find what is happening in your areas of interest, or on a particular date. The calendar also introduces two new convenience features that allow you to:

  • transfer an event directly from Events at Middlebury to your personal MS Outlook calendar.
  • email event information directly to a friend or colleague, through an email link embedded in the campus calendar.

How the calendar benefits the event organizer/sponsor:

With the large number of wonderful events offered at Middlebury, it has often been difficult in the past for event sponsors to get the word out to the campus. Events at Middlebury now offers a reliable way to reach the entire campus, regardless of the size of your event or program. As a central source of information that is online and easily navigated by readers on campus, the calendar will help to build audience for your event. Additionally, when planning your event, you can use Events at Middlebury to see what else is happening on or around the date you're contemplating. This will help to reduce conflicts where events are scheduled for the same time period and therefore competing for audience.

Calendar Administration

For more information about Events at Middlebury, or how to submit information to the calendar, please see Policies, Procedures & Questions on the calendar main page. For additional help with unique needs or questions, contact the calendar editor: Kristina Simmons, Events Information Systems Coordinator, at